The Wisdom of Wolfgang Smith | The Starting Point


In a sense the starting point and main emphasis in my work has been to discredit what I term the scientistic worldview. “Scientistic” rather than “scientific,” because it is a worldview that pretends to be based upon the hard facts of science, when in fact it is not scientific at all. But it is a spurious philosophy: a philosophy which in fact was argued against and disproved thousands of years ago. And that is now the philosophy that is being, as it were, foisted upon humanity, beginning with the young in their classrooms, supposedly based upon the scientific findings—the undeniable empirical facts—when in fact it is not only spurious but, as I said a few moments ago, it is destructive of our humanity and it impedes our growth, our unfoldment, in the full integrality of our being.

The Philos-Sophia Initiative’s feature documentary chronicling the life and work of Dr. Wolfgang Smith, The End of Quantum Reality, is now available.

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