the end of quantum reality

The End of Quantum Reality

Mathematician/philosopher/physicist extraordinaire Wolfgang Smith has chosen to emerge now, at the summit of his life’s work, in order to prepare a new generation for what he calls “a singular moment in history.”  Dr. Smith will be granting an interview to our production team including Katheryne KTEE Thomas (Director, Producer) and Rick DeLano (Producer, Narrator).

Watch our first trailer for The End of Quantum Reality,  a film designed to blow the doors off the so-called “quantum reality problem” and signal the end of a four-hundred-year arc of human history, what René Guénon has called “the reign of quantity.”


Mathematician, physicist, philosopher and lifelong student of the perennial wisdom of humanity, the reclusive Wolfgang Smith emerges to address the stunning implications of his resolution of the “Quantum Enigma” for the cameras of the creative team behind The Principle.

“No one understands quantum physics,” Richard Feynman famously said.

But, as Wolfgang Smith shows, all the weird paradoxes of quantum theory disappear once it is recognized that “quantum paradox is Nature’s way of repudiating a spurious philosophy.”

From the summit of his life’s work, Smith surveys the vistas ahead as we approach what he calls “a singular moment in history.”

Film Team

Rick DeLano

After twenty years as a session musician and producer in Hollywood, Rick DeLano wrote and produced THE PRINCIPLE (2014), which remains the first and only feature-length documentary examination of the Copernican cosmological principle. He is now producing and narrating THE END OF QUANTUM REALITY for release in the Spring of 2019.

Wolfgang Smith

Wolfgang Smith graduated from Cornell University at the age of eighteen with majors in physics, philosophy, and mathematics. He received his master's degree in theoretical physics from Purdue University and was subsequently employed at Bell Aircraft Corporation as an aerodynamicist. His pioneering work on the effect of diffusion fields, published during that period, presented a theoretical solution to the re-entry problem for space flight. After taking his Ph.D. in mathematics from Columbia University, Smith held faculty positions at MIT, UCLA, and Oregon State University. He is well known in traditionalist circles through his books, which include Cosmos and Transcendence, The Wisdom of Ancient Cosmology, and The Quantum Enigma: Finding the Hidden Key. As a scientist attracted since his youth to the great metaphysical schools, his thought represents a unique encounter between contemporary science and traditional metaphysics.

John Trevor Berger

A writer and musician from Atlanta, John Trevor Berger currently serves as Director of Philosophical Outreach for the Initiative. He is a graduate of Georgia State University, where he studied Philosophy, English Literature, and Art History. He is also a contributing editor at The Disinterested Spectator, an online journal of philosophical research and cultural criticism.

Katheryne KTEE Thomas

Both a filmmaker and a business owner, Katheryne (KTEE) Thomas made her feature documentary directorial debut with THE PRINCIPLE. A graduate of the Academy of Art University with an MFA in Motion Pictures and Television, KTEE won the Student Division of the BIFFA (Birmingham International Film Festival) for her documentary short Chrome & Thunder. Also, during her undergraduate studies, she was the production manager for the UPN affiliate (now the CW) in South Georgia. Her earliest work in Hollywood was doing script development for the production company Benderspink and for the Slamdance Film Festival. Since 2010, she has been the owner and CEO of In Ohm Entertainment, a multimedia company specializing in film production and brand promotions management. She has produced and directed numerous music videos, promotional pieces, live events, and documentary shorts.