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The Philos-Sophia Initiative aims to facilitate a transformative impact upon our civilization through the recovery of the “vertical” aspect of cosmic reality, based upon the philosophical and scientific discoveries of Wolfgang Smith. The Initiative proposes a dynamic outreach to minds profoundly committed to truth, inviting them to an encounter with a comprehensive worldview that integrates the fundamental discoveries of physics into the perennial wisdom of mankind.


There exists at present a glaring discrepancy between what the discipline known as “philosophy” was in ancient times, and what it has come to be in our day. Whereas the word itself signifies “love of wisdom,” even a cursory glance at a contemporary Department of Philosophy reveals precious little sophia in its ranks—what to speak of philos: of love! Yet the need for a veritable philos-sophia is with us still, and has in fact only been exacerbated by the pseudo-philosophical doctrines that have usurped its place. And neither science—much less the ubiquitous scientism which masquerades as such—can fill that pressing need. Nor, for that matter, can religion even in its highest form; for as history amply confirms: as our cosmos flattens, so as a rule do our faith and our theology.


The mission of the Philos-Sophia Initiative shall be to promote the restitution of authentic philosophy, based upon the ontological resolution of the quantum reality problem. It is our hope, and indeed our expectation, that this rectification of the contemporary Weltanschauung—which connects our most fundamental science with the categories of authentic philosophy—will lead not only to a restitution of philosophy, but to new and as yet undreamed-of domains of scientific research as well. Ad majorem gloriam Dei.