“The End of Quantum Reality” Now in Production

In preparation for his first-ever extensive on-screen appearance, mathematician / philosopher / physicist extraordinaire Dr. Wolfgang Smith will be granting a second interview to our production team including Katheryne KTEE Thomas (Director, Producer) and Rick DeLano (Producer, Narrator) on February 1.

The reclusive Dr. Smith has chosen to emerge now, at the summit of his life’s work, in order to prepare a new generation for what he calls “a singular moment in history.”

Click here to see our first trailer for The End of Quantum Reality, a film designed to blow the doors off the so-called “quantum reality problem” and signal the end of a four-hundred-year arc of human history, what René Guénon has called “the reign of quantity.”

Look for announcements soon regarding the participation of other key creative components from the team that brought The Principle to theaters in 2014.


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