Introducing the Project Schola Podcast

14 February 2023 , ,

We hope you enjoy the pilot episode of our latest endeavor—featuring co-hosts Brian Murphy and John Trevor Berger—the Project Schola Podcast!

We’ve had the Schola project on simmer for a long time, but we’re finally beginning to bring it to the fore. And since educational outreach—especially to youth—is the single most important long-term priority of the Initiative, we’re very excited to launch this project and hope you will be too. The podcast is only the beginning.

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Next time on the Project Schola Podcast, special guest Raphael De Paola (Professor of Physics, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro) will be joining us. Professor De Paola will share his personal story, his journey into theoretical physics and philosophy, and after his discourse on the true nature of “matter,” any residual materialistic notions as you may still possess are likely to be completely shattered. This is one you do not want to miss!