Science & Myth: Available Now

Continuing our in-house publishing venture to bring you the Collected Works of Wolfgang Smith, the third, PSI edition of Science & Myth: With a Response to Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design is now available!

Unrecognized as the fact may be, science has a mythology all its own. Starting with a profound clarification of this basic issue, Wolfgang Smith then explores the metaphysical significance of scientific findings relating to visual perception, the relation of neurons to mind, and more, leading to the central chapter on Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design. After presenting the latter’s entire argument in summary form, Smith proceeds with a magisterial point-by-point rebuttal which leaves Hawking’s thesis in tatters. The author closes with a discussion of metaphysics as a “seeing of the Real” that transcends the limitations of scientific modes of knowing.

“Wolfgang Smith broaches a vast range of subjects with a mastery that bespeaks an immense culture.”
Jean Borella, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Université Nancy-II

The book is now available in paperback and deluxe hardcover at the PSI Shop. Coming soon to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers.