Physics & Vertical Causation: Available Now

21 August 2023 , ,

Continuing our in-house publishing venture to bring you the Collected Works of Wolfgang Smith, the third, revised edition of Physics and Vertical Causation: The End of Quantum Reality is now available!

With arresting new insights on the metaphysics of the integral cosmos and a masterful synthesis of the physical sciences with ontological realism, Wolfgang Smith resolves quandaries that have stymied theoretical physicists for nearly a century. The author’s critique of modern epistemologies, reevaluation of Einsteinian relativity, and deeper probing into the phenomenon of “vertical causation”—first introduced in his classic monograph, The Quantum Enigma—not only restores to us a worldview banished in the West since the Enlightenment, but also paves the way for a veritable paradigm shift in scientific inquiry.

The book is also an indispensable companion piece to our documentary film on the life and work of Dr. Smith, The End of Quantum Reality—everything that couldn’t be fit into the film, you’ll find here!

“The importance of this book by physicist and metaphysician Wolfgang Smith lies in the very reasons that will no doubt make it controversial… In so doing, it embraces a broader and more traditional view of science as Scientia.”
M. Ali Lakhani, Editor, Sacred Web: A Journal of Tradition and Modernity

The book is now available in paperback and deluxe hardcover at the PSI Shop. Coming soon to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers.