An Interview with Wolfgang Smith at Sacred Web

3 June 2020 , ,

In this interview for Sacred Web—generously shared with the Initiative by the journal’s editor, M. Ali Lakhani—Samuel Bendeck Sotillos elicits from Wolfgang Smith illuminating insights from his latest philosophical research, stunning revelations about the true situation of contemporary physics, and how radically differentiated his own philosophy of physics is from the manifold interpretations of quantum theory currently extant.

Because of the interview’s remarkable clarity, anyone encountering Dr. Smith’s thought for the first time would be well-advised to read it with care. But even those already quite familiar with his work will find herein a concise, synoptic review of the groundbreaking paradigm he has pioneered over the past 25 years.

Finally, Dr. Smith expresses his hopes and expectations for viewers of our feature documentary about his life and work, The End of Quantum Reality.

The End of Quantum Reality: A Conversation with Wolfgang Smith

This article also available in Spanish language translation.


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