Sacerdotal Outreach

As you already know, the Western world is in the midst of a formidable cultural cataclysm. Truth itself is under attack, and our civilization has fallen prey en masse to a pernicious ideology scornful of religion, which proves however to be in a sense religious itself. And what in effect renders that ideology untouchable is the fact that it presents itself under the banner of Science. That ideology may consequently be designated by the term scientism. Dr. Wolfgang Smith is only too cognizant of the salient—and generally unrecognized—fact that scientism has, for a long time, wrought havoc and bewilderment in the Catholic world. It has, in particular, posed problems for the priests which they are not normally equipped to resolve: namely, the ability to distinguish between scientific fact and scientistic fiction. There is much at stake in this distinction because scientism, in any of its modes, is ultimately dehumanizing and toxic to the spiritual life.

Which brings us to Dr. Smith’s Sacerdotal Outreach initiative. For many decades this extraordinary philosopher, physicist, and mathematician has been leading the charge to expose that “pernicious ideology” for what it is: a satanic inversion of the truth, masquerading as Science. And now, in the evening of his life, Dr. Smith has prepared Three Scientistic Heresies (Philos-Sophia Initiative, 2020)—a booklet especially addressed to priests, designed to convey the essential facts regarding the nature and origin of Scientism. He wishes moreover to make this booklet available to all potentially interested priests and laity free of charge to help them discern and unmask this diabolical ideology which by now has infiltrated a considerable portion of the institutional Church.

It is Dr. Smith’s hope and prayer that this expositio ad sacerdotium will assist all in discerning and effectively opposing the dominant scientistic heresies rampant in the Western world.

Thank you, and God bless,

Brian Murphy

Director of Sacerdotal Outreach




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About Wolfgang Smith

“I hold him in very high esteem. In fact, among European, Western thinkers, a man who combines a knowledge of modern science to this level, as well as traditional metaphysics and spirituality; and add to that specifically, Catholic theology and early Catholic philosophy… is very rare. Probably there’s no one like him.”
Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Professor of Islamic Studies, George Washington University

“A man like this, you can find one or two in a century. Please listen to him, because your life depends on it. The life of this nation depends on it.”
Olavo de Carvalho, Founder of Curso Online de Filosofia

“Christian thinkers paved the way to modern science by showing that the quantitative study of the material world was not only possible, but desirable. But is mathematical knowledge the only one possible? Smith is one of the very few who understands how to interpret the findings of modern science in terms other than quantitative, and his work will bear fruit for centuries to come.”
Raphael D. M. De Paola, Professor of Physics, Catholic University of Rio (PUC-Rio)


Born in Vienna, Wolfgang Smith graduated from Cornell University at the age of eighteen with majors in physics, philosophy, and mathematics. After receiving a master’s degree in physics from Purdue University he served as an aerodynamicist at Bell Aircraft Corporation. His pioneering work on the effect of diffusion fields, published during that period, presented the first theoretical solution to the re-entry problem for space flight. After taking his Ph.D. in mathematics from Columbia University, Smith held faculty positions at M.I.T., U.C.L.A., and Oregon State University. Quietly, over the past several decades, Wolfgang Smith has published a stunning series of books at the cutting edge of science and metaphysics, and now he is the subject of the Initiative’s hit documentary, The End of Quantum Reality, in which he tells the story of how the return to his Catholic roots led to his resolution of the quantum enigma, a mystery which has plagued the scientific community for close to a century.

Dr. Smith founded the Philos-Sophia Initiative as an outreach to minds deeply committed to truth, inviting them to an encounter with a comprehensive worldview that integrates the fundamental discoveries of physics into the perennial wisdom of mankind.


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