On the Passing of Rick DeLano

26 January 2022

Philos-Sophia Initiative

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our Fearless Leader, Rick DeLano.

He departed on Sunday morning (Jan. 23), after a series of health complications over the past 9 months.

Happily, throughout this time—due to a neurological felix culpa—he was in no pain or anxiety, enjoyed visits from close friends and family, was able to play guitar, read books, and especially enjoyed occasional visits from his best friend, Dr. Wolfgang Smith.

We’d particularly like to thank you all for your patience—respecting the wishes of his family, who wanted to keep Rick’s condition in a close circle—as his situation was terminal from the start, and when we posted our last update months ago it was unknown whether he would be among us for even a matter of weeks.

Please keep Dr. Smith, the Initiative, and all of Rick’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

With thanks for your continued support,