Rick DeLano Interview at Finding Genius Podcast

At the Finding Genius Podcast, Rick DeLano critiques the widespread belief that the world is composed of atoms or fundamental particles, tackling the question by exploring the inconsistencies between Newtonian mechanics and quantum mechanics, the clouds of probability associated with atoms which disallow us from identifying where or how fast or what direction a particle is moving at any particular time, and the fundamental difference between the pre-measured and post-measured system of a particle.

He also discusses the many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory, the Boltzmann constant, the future of particle physics, how Wolfgang Smith’s pivotal distinction between the “corporeal world” and the “physical universe” brings to completion Heisenberg’s insight into quanta as Aristotelian potentiae—which resolves the quantum measurement problem—and much more.

Dr. Smith’s latest book, The Vertical Ascent, is now available, as is the Initiative’s feature documentary chronicling his life and work, The End of Quantum Reality.