Vedanta in Light of Christian Wisdom


Vedanta in Light of Christian Wisdom 

Second Edition

In this unique monograph, Wolfgang Smith explores man’s quest of immortality, with religion properly so called. Drawing from recollections from his early years amongst Hindu monks, he introduces the Vedic religion, which he goes on to contrast with the Judeo-Christian, explaining their salient differences: in particular, how the two lead to antipodal ends, thereby disproving the “transcendent unity of religions” thesis. Basing himself upon an astounding exegesis discovered by Meister Eckhart, the author proceeds to show how the Vedantic categories are subsumed and transcended by the Trinitarian. These—admittedly esoteric—reflections terminate an unholy confusion which has long impeded our comprehension.

“Contrary to the ‘perennialist’ doctrine, Wolfgang Smith argues cogently that there are two ultimate paths leading to radically divergent Eschata: the Vedic to the nirvanic, and the Christian to Salvation. This rectifies a long-standing misconception of our time.”
Bruno Bérard, author of A Metaphysics of the Christian Mystery

About the Author
Wolfgang Smith graduated from Cornell at age eighteen with majors in physics, mathematics, and philosophy. He subsequently contributed a theoretical solution to the re-entry problem for space flight. After taking his doctorate in mathematics at Columbia, he served for thirty years as professor of mathematics at M.I.T., U.C.L.A., and Oregon State University. Smith then devoted himself to correcting the fallacies of scientistic belief, focusing on foundational problems pertaining to quantum theory and visual perception by way of the traditional tripartite cosmology.