A New Year at the Initiative

Happy New Year!

Almost exactly a year ago, The End of Quantum Reality premiered at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh:

We all knew it was coming. Every pillar was wobbling at once. Looking back, it is as if we were hypnotized. And we were.
—From opening narration

It is generally understood now that the political world we all inhabited a year ago is irretrievably broken. What is much less generally understood is that this is merely a late-appearing symptom of a breakdown which began much, much earlier, and at a much higher level of human activity.

Thousands upon thousands of people have viewed The End of Quantum Reality since its release, in over fifty countries and counting. Much of this is attributable to the worldwide reputation of, and appreciation for, the work of the film’s subject, Dr. Wolfgang Smith. If anyone you know cares about the cause, and ultimate remedy, for the civilizational breakdown now presenting itself, please make sure that they, and you—see this film.

It will be rather quickly apparent that the intellectual ground upon which an authentically human civilization can be based consists, first and foremost, in the ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood—between reality and delusion. It is by this intellectual commitment that Wolfgang Smith has been able to see both the cause and the effect of our present (collapsing) world-story, decades before the actual collapse, and from a far higher point of vantage than its political manifestations—which remain, for most, the only issues that “really matter.”

But they are not the issues that really matter. And we at Philos-Sophia shall continue to focus upon the ones that do, God permitting, in 2021.

Among the several items on the agenda for the coming year, let us first commend to your attention the forthcoming release of Wolfgang Smith’s astonishing and luminous final book, The Vertical Ascent. Advance orders are now being taken for the beautiful PSIF Edition of this, Wolfgang Smith’s final book.

More to come on the latter, as well as more news in the coming months.

Until next time!