Philos-Sophia Initiative to Launch Youth Outreach

20 January 2018

Next month, Philos-Sophia Initiative contributor and Director of Philosophical Outreach John Trevor Berger will be announcing a nationwide essay contest for students high-school age and younger.

Keep this page bookmarked for any bright young people of a philosophical bent, their teachers, home-schooling groups, public and parochial school philosophy clubs, and your own social media groups and pages.

“It is our hope to be able to identify and sponsor exceptionally gifted young people toward formation and educational opportunities involving the work of Wolfgang Smith,” Berger says.

If, as Wolfgang Smith avers, we are reaching the end of the age of the “Reign of Quantity,” the restitution of philosophy as it was traditionally practiced and understood — as true philos-sophia — will be a matter of paramount importance in the years to come.

It is a prime objective of the Philos-Sophia Initiative to prepare the ground for this restoration of a philosophical world-view that integrates quantum physics into a world which includes red apples, green grass, and human freedom — that is to say, the real world.