“Unmasking” Unmasked: A Review of the Interview

March 25, 2018

Lucas G. Westman

Editor’s Note:  A member of the PSIF board of directors and editor of The Socratic Catholic, Luke Westman presents his reflections on a recent interview of Wolfgang Smith conducted and published by fellow board member Bernard Janzen as Unmasking the Faces of Antichrist.

Wolfgang Smith Painted PortraitWolfgang Smith’s project uniting perennial wisdom with authentic scientific discovery thematically ranges from the metaphysical, the empirical, and the mystical. The core of Smith’s endeavor is marked with a bold commitment to truth, scholarly rigor, and an unmatched creative imagination. These are, of course, the usually recognized trademarks of Smith’s systematic genius when a serious mind encounters his literature. Also interspersed throughout Smith’s treatment of the subjects listed above are inconspicuous hints of personality and character that can be detected only by an astute reader. Traits such as humor, courage, and piety are dispersed among his numerous penetrating discoveries. Uncovering these gems among the pearls of wisdom shows a side of Wolfgang Smith that has been mostly veiled until now. In a recently published interview titled Unmasking the Faces of Antichrist, we are afforded the opportunity to not only learn from him, but to also get to know Wolfgang Smith the man.