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22 May 2020


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The End of Quantum Reality




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To thank you for your patience as we got the glitches worked out, we want to announce a SPECIAL MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SALE:

Get 25% OFF ANY ORDER of The End of Quantum Reality the groundbreaking new film that will turn your world right-side up — placed between Friday morning and Monday night from our in-house store. Just input this coupon code at checkout: thanks25.1Please note that the discount is not applicable to Amazon orders, nor to Rentals of the digital-streaming version.

See what people are saying about The End of Quantum Reality:


“Thank you so much—an outstanding production. As someone with degrees in science and theology, I found the arguments very persuasive—not least because of the integrity and courage of the people presenting those ideas.”

*   *   *

“A wonderful film providing great scientific insight as well an introduction to a brilliant man, Wolfgang Smith. Following in the footsteps of The Principle this is another leap forward toward ‘breaking the spell’. Thanks for this outstanding work.”

*   *   *

“Smith’s analysis is stunning, administering a triple coup de grace to Cartesian bifurcationism, Darwinism and Einsteinian relativism. His proposed resolution of the quantum enigma is breathtakingly simple and yet daringly traditional. I hope the film may encourage viewers to explore his written œuvre. Congratulations to (the multi-talented) Rick DeLano and his superb team.”


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THANK YOU for making The End of Quantum Reality  such a success right out of the gate!

Coupon Code: thanks25

Sale ends Monday at Midnight PST!

1 Please note that the discount is not applicable to Amazon orders, nor to Rentals of the digital-streaming version.