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Over the past three years, the work of the Philos-Sophia Initiative Foundation has been focused upon (1) providing a website platform for Wolfgang Smith’s brilliant new research; (2) completion and release of our documentary film on the life and work of Dr. Smith, The End of Quantum Reality and (3) the release of Dr. Smith’s new book, The Vertical Ascent: From Particles to the Tripartite Cosmos and Beyond.

These tasks have all been completed.

The publication of The Vertical Ascent  was a particularly important landmark, not only because it represents the completion of Dr. Smith’s integral cosmological vision, but also because it was our inaugural in-house publication.

And for PSIF Books, the journey has only just begun:

This year, we plan to republish the complete Collected Works of Wolfgang Smith  (CWS).  At once ambitious and fascinating work, the CWS Project will be our primary focus for the remainder of 2021, and will very likely extend well into 2022. Several of the volumes in PSIF’s CWS will be critical editions designed to emphasize the constant themes of Dr. Smith’s thought, points where he’s changed his mind and why he changed it, and the important stepping stones along the author’s philosophical journey to the finalized tripartite cosmology as laid out in The Vertical Ascent. 

So now, as never before, we need the assistance of those who have already begun to understand just how vital Wolfgang Smith’s philosophy and cosmology are to overcoming the deadly Goliath of Scientism afflicting our academies, our journals, and our very worldview — and the CWS should prove an absolutely indispensable counter-weapon in this ideological war against our reason and humanity.

It is our hope and indeed our expectation that the CWS will arm one and all in the reclamation of the intellectual high ground in this confused, desperate, and wobbling civilization.

In closing, we at PSIF would like to extend to our current members a word of sincere gratitude for your generosity, support, and fellowship.  And to those who are not yet members, we respectfully ask you to consider becoming one today — help us keep the Philos-Sophia Initiative alive and growing!

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