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The Philos-Sophia Initiative Foundation would like to thank each and every one of you who have already helped us so generously by becoming members of the Initiative, and to encourage those of you who have not yet done so to consider “taking the plunge” right here and now.

Those of you who can donate $45 and become members will be providing the Initiative with a crucial financial boost at a very important moment.

Our work over the past two years has been focused upon providing a platform for Wolfgang Smith’s amazing series of essays, and upon completing and preparing for the release of our documentary film, The End of Quantum Reality,  featuring the life and work of this remarkable man.

These projects have now been completed.

The resulting interest from around the world — even prior to the release of the film — has created the prospect of a very different, vastly better-funded, and hence vastly more visible Philos-Sophia Initiative Foundation in the relatively near future.

Our Board of Directors is very soon to be revamped to include very prominent individuals in the professional and academic worlds, but much depends upon our ability to successfully launch the film in the face of the coronavirus, which has had a dramatic impact especially upon independent filmmakers and distribution channels.

The very good news is that early indications are encouraging indeed: as of this writing, The End of Quantum Reality  holds both the #1 and #2 positions on Amazon’s New Releases in Faith & Spirituality DVD category (#2 is the PAL version), as well as #1 on Blu-ray in the same category.

So now, as never before, we need the assistance of those who have already begun to really understand the importance of Wolfgang Smith’s work in overcoming the deadly “Scientism” afflicting our academies, our journals, and our worldview.

If you can help us with a one-year membership for $45, we will express our gratitude by providing you with:

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  • Special access to our Members Only Meetings throughout the year, where the plans and projects in the works at Philos-Sophia will be shared, and questions taken from our members.

We stand at a crucial “fork in the road”!

“Phase One,” if you will, comes to an end with the release of The End of Quantum Reality,  and “Phase Two” lies ahead, with the real prospect of bringing Board Members into the Initiative with the ability to implement the next stage of our program to reclaim the intellectual high ground of this confused, desperate, and wobbling civilization.

We humbly and respectfully request that you consider becoming a member today — and we thank you for your help, in a special way, right here and right now.