On the Release of “The End of Quantum Reality”

“John, I don’t know what we can do as far as a documentary goes, but if we don’t get this guy on camera soon, no one ever will.”

“Rick, tell me what you need. Let’s get this. We’ll figure the rest out.”

And just like that, The End of Quantum Reality  was born.

John — that is, John Schmieding, our Executive Producer — is a man who already made it possible for us to complete and release The Principle.

A man, in other words, who has already done enough — and more than enough.

Because John backed our play in getting an interview filmed with the legendary Wolfgang Smith, long before we had any idea of how we would ever be able to put together all the pieces for a full documentary, we now arrive at our digital release day — today.

Thanks, John Schmieding!

*   *   *

“Rick, we definitely need a woman in this film.”

“KTEE, how about we hire an actress to play the role of ‘Sophia’? I know who would be perfect….”

Throughout the film, we have included excerpts from various scientific, philosophical, and theological sources intended to convey that most noble and ineffable of qualities — Wisdom.

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I had what I still consider to have been a magical inspiration to have these read by “Sophia” herself — and I knew just who she should be.

Alas, after writing, my Sophia could not be persuaded.

Which presented a bit of a problem, since… well, what KTEE said.

But Katheryne KTEE Thomas — our Director and Co-Producer — is a woman never without a Plan B, C, D, E, and F.

Which is why we have a remarkable, one-of-a-kind film to ready for digital release today.

Thanks, Katheryne KTEE Thomas!

*   *   *

“And that’s where Thea comes in…”

Another of KTEE’s gifts is an eye for undiscovered talent, and she has outdone herself this time around by bringing aboard our Co-Editor, Nicole Bakirtjy.

I was primarily responsible for roughing out the portions of the film focusing on Wolfgang Smith’s remarkable resolution of the quantum enigma (essentially, Acts One and Three), and KTEE knows me far too well to have subjected herself to the penance of sitting next to me in an editing suite for a few hundred hours while I sussed all that out.

Nicole, meanwhile, had worked with us as a Production Assistant on a couple of the interview shoots, and afterward she took on the task of working with me on the initial rough cuts of the scientific and philosophical portions of the film.

She was amazing.

Then it was time for KTEE and Nicole to bring to life the middle, biographical section (Act Two), and it was here that the ladies found out exactly who the “woman in this film” is, was, and always will be.

“And that’s where Thea comes in…”

Thanks, Nicole Bakirtjy!

*   *   *

“I think this one one would really benefit from an original score.”

“Yeah, but how am I supposed to pay for that?”

“Well, Rick, why don’t you do it?”


I had entertained a fond notion of perhaps doing the score for The End of Quantum Reality.  Early experiments along those lines had produced results approximately as successful as those obtained in the ongoing search for dark matter.

The incomparable Richard Robson, our Music Director/Sound Designer/Mixer, suggested that we go in and score just the pre-production trailer.

I deluged him with questions about this-or-that software, until he finally asked me to come into Lola Studios in L.A. (my favorite studio!) and simply give it a shot.

I walked in.

I put my fingers on the keyboard.

I was enveloped in a rich, incomparably subtle and expressive ambience the likes of which I had never before experienced.

We ended up cutting the entire trailer in about three hours (those cues ended up making it into the final score exactly as recorded that day).

There is nothing better than working with a true, world-class professional who is also a gifted artist in his own right.

I am the beneficiary of all the years of experience Richard Robson has compiled in studios all over the world, including his years working with film-scoring legend Hans Zimmer.

He put it all under my fingers and made it possible for me to pull this off as a first-timer.

Thanks, Richard Robson!

*   *   *

“God will provide.”

By late last year it became clear that, to our collective delight, The End of Quantum Reality  was being eyed for a possible limited theatrical release.

After much discussion back and forth, we threw caution to the wind and agreed to a ten-city (minimum) theatrical deal with Arena Cinelounge in Los Angeles.

Thanks, Christian Meoli!

Our official theatrical premiere was at the Arena Cinelounge in Hollywood on January 17, and what a night it was!

Everything was chugging along quite nicely when Yours Truly wound up in the emergency room with what in retrospect seems awfully likely to have been an early-February case of the ‘Rona.

By the time I was released back into the world, it had changed forever.

One thing I noticed right off the bat was that in this new world there was no such thing as going out to a movie. There was no movie theater showing The End of Quantum Reality,  or any other movie for that matter.

“We all knew it was coming. Every pillar was wobbling at once…”

It was as if our trailer had come true overnight!

This presented a bit of a problem, since we had just leveraged our remaining budget for the DVD/Blu-ray/digital release on…


That were now shut down and out of business.

While the Dow was plunging about a thousand points a day.

Not exactly the best time for a non-profit to be rattling the tin cup for funding a movie release.

But, as if we had not received several orders of magnitude more than our allotted quota of miracles already, our Patroness had yet one more in store for us, in the person of Dr. Richard Smith, Chairman of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles.

Richard holds a Ph.D. in Systems Studies, and is a huge fan of both The Principle  and of Wolfgang Smith, whose latest book Physics and Vertical Causation  had prompted Richard to write us at the Philos-Sophia Initiative and indicate an interest in speaking with me.

One thing led to another, and suddenly our digital release was back on schedule, bigger and better than before, and I finally had my eye on a likely successor as President of the Philos-Sophia Initiative Foundation.

Thanks, Dr. Richard Smith!

*   *   *

After all, we have now completed “Phase One” of our program to re-capture the intellectual high ground in this confused, disoriented, and wobbling civilization.

We have brought two  new books from the pen of Wolfgang Smith into the world!

We have completed and released the definitive documentary of Wolfgang Smith’s life and work. To be frank, it will be very nice if the film is well received and widely appreciated here at this point in history, but the value of this film consists in a simple and powerful fact that will only become fully evident later on.

Once Wolfgang Smith leaves this world, The End of Quantum Reality  will be the only way to experience this man, to see and personally engage with his life and work.

Wolfgang Smith is one of those men whose work is far ahead of its time — and yet perfectly necessary at this instant juncture.

I hope you enjoy the film, but I am confident that even if you do not, your children will.

And so, from the bottom of my heart, to my friend, my mentor, my partner, and the most powerful lover and pursuer of Sophia I have ever known:

Thanks, Wolfgang!

Rick DeLano
Feast of Our Lady of Fatima
May 13, 2020

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