An Invitation to Join the Initiative

28 July 2020

Rick DeLano

This week I hope to be able to persuade some of you who have been following the work of the Philos-Sophia Initiative Foundation to take the important step of becoming a PSIF Member.

Let me say first of all that we have accomplished some amazing things in the past year!

  • We published a stunning series of new essays by Wolfgang Smith on our website, which are now being edited for publication this fall as what will (almost certainly) be his final book, The Vertical Ascent: From Particles to the Tripartite Cosmos and Beyond.
  • We released the remarkable documentary film, The End of Quantum Reality,  which enjoyed its theatrical premiere at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh on January 10, before going on to play in a dozen cities across the U.S. over the following six weeks (before the COVID-19 epidemic shut down theaters across the country). 
  • The film was released on disc and digital on May 13, and in little over two months has been purchased by thousands of fans from all over the world — 50 countries and counting!
  • We’ve reached over 1.3 million people with our outreach efforts, introducing the ideas of Wolfgang Smith to a worldwide and rapidly growing audience.
  • We sponsored an essay contest for high-school aged youth as an initial step toward identifying bright, promising young minds ready to engage with the ideas of Wolfgang Smith.

*   *   *

In a sense, we have completed what might be called “Phase One” of the Initiative’s mission. 

And now I would like to tell you about Phase Two. 

In the coming year, the board of directors has decided to focus on three major projects:

  1. Preparation of a definitive updated edition of the collected works of Wolfgang Smith. 
  2. Sponsorship of the First International Conference on Science and Vertical Causation — bringing together an international group of physicists and other scholars in dialogue with Wolfgang Smith — in early 2021. 
  3. Development of a curriculum designed to present the ideas of Wolfgang Smith at a level suitable for homeschooling, hybrid-homeschooling, and other classically-oriented educational programs.

*   *   *

It is the last project that I want to address today.

Those of you who have seen The End of Quantum Reality  already know that, in Wolfgang Smith’s words, “we are approaching a very singular moment in history” where “every pillar is wobbling at once.”

The seeming triumph of the Scientistic worldview has yielded conditions of civilizational crisis which could soon render more and more families with a terrible choice when it comes to entrusting the education of their children to the public school system. 

Hundreds of millions have lost their faith in the face of the overarching Scientistic world narrative, and Wolfgang Smith has identified the key discovery of physics which, properly understood, discloses the Achilles heel of this narrative in an altogether new and powerful way. 

It is our intention to prepare a course of study by which every child can be inoculated against this reductionist, materialist worldview. Not even the universities will be able to disorient a mind illuminated by the implications of Smith’s resolution of the quantum enigma. 

This is the key by which young people will be able to turn their world right-side up in the face of the onslaught of modern Scientism. 

*   *   *

But in order to accomplish this, we need your help! And the best way you can help is by becoming a member of the Philos-Sophia Initiative Foundation.

Being that one of the main perks of membership is access to private, exclusive members-only meetings online with key Initiative personnel — including Foundation directors and Wolfgang Smith himself — as a PSIF Member you will enjoy the benefit of voicing to us directly the needs and challenges you face in educating your children in the modern sciences, while addressing the challenges these subjects can raise in the minds of young believers. 

*   *   *

The $45 annual membership fee will unlock many additional benefits, including advance access to content, special discounts, and a complimentary rental of The End of Quantum Reality  on streaming video.

But, again, the single most important benefit at this stage is access to the online meetings, putting you in touch with the very people developing the ideas and curriculum that will allow your children to understand the world in a way that reconciles the authentic achievements of physical science with that incomparably higher and richer Wisdom, which is “glorious, and never fadeth away, and is easily seen by them that love her, and is found by them that seek her” (Wis. 6:13). 

We want to call the inaugural Members-Only Meeting within the next 30 days — so please consider joining as soon as possible!