4th of July Sale at EQR Store

30 June 2020


We are extending this sale to Wednesday!

If you haven’t taken advantage of this offer yet, there’s still time!

We have had a truly remarkable launch of The End of Quantum Reality,  and word is that we are now on “final countdown” to launch on major platforms including Google/YouTube, Amazon Video, iTunes, and Vudu (with more to follow).

We want to give our closest friends and supporters a SPECIAL JULY 4th offer — 20% OFF with promo code on all purchases including DVD, Blu-ray, and digital streaming.1Please note that the discount is not applicable to Amazon orders, nor to Rentals of the digital-streaming version.

We cannot discount on the major platforms, so this will be our BIG SUMMER SALE for all of you who have been thinking about getting your copy of this remarkable film.

Coupon Code: HAPPY4


Check out some of the recent purchaser reviews:

My first encounter with the work of Dr. Wolfgang Smith has left me awestruck! Finally we have a brilliant and honest contemporary scientist-mathematician-physicist-philosopher with superlative qualifications who clearly exposes the indisputable flaws in the theories supporting “quantum reality.”

And special kudos and thanks to Rick DeLano for skillfully presenting such a complex matter in a most engrossing way. An added bonus: his theme song “One Way Up” is both insightful and truly delightful.

*   *   *

As the title of this review suggests [Both a Personal and a Technical Film] there are really two aspects to this film. The first is the incomparably beautiful story of Wolfgang’s life. The second is Wolfgang’s unique approach to quantum reality. Wolfgang’s quest for wisdom as he makes his way through life, in my opinion, is really where this film gets it’s value from; this story is the sine qua non of the entire film.

This movie will give you a sense of hope and optimism.

*   *   *

Smith’s analysis is stunning… [h]is proposed resolution of the quantum enigma is breathtakingly simple and yet daringly traditional. I hope the film may encourage viewers to explore his written œuvre. Congratulations to (the multi-talented) Rick DeLano and his superb team.


Sale ends on Wednesday at Midnight PST!


1 Please note that the discount is not applicable to Amazon orders, nor to Rentals of the digital-streaming version.